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ELD Electronic Logging Devices The Good and Bad

FMCSA says no more paper logs – small companies will pay the most with ELD’s.

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“Why are paper logbooks being derided as an ‘inaccurate’ method of recording hours of service (HOS) data? Many other federal agencies continue to accept manually entered paper records,” he explained to me. “If manual entries can be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service when filing your 1040 form, why are manually entered logbooks not admissible any longer to the FMCSA?”

“You only have yourself to blame; but you do not need the federal government coming in and picking winners and losers with unfunded mandates,” Willis pointed out. “Let the FMCSA and states do their jobs and enforce the CSRs [carrier safety regulations] that are currently on the books and raise driver training standards. But you must give carriers a choice of [HOS] compliance, be it electronic or paper. The marketplace is what will dictate their survival.”

Good points worth making about ELDs and HOS compliance. That being said, though, it’s almost the 59th minute of the 11th hour where the imposition of the ELD mandate is concerned. Will those concerns trump the December 18 deadline? The chances seem slim, but we can only wait and see what ultimately happens.

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