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Georgia Truck Insurance Semi’s, Box Trucks and Fleets

We help all commercial truck insurance customers in Georgia! Same day quotes in most cases (888) 443-7623 .

We insure big rig trucks, fuel haulers, box or straight trucks,fleets and more in Georgia!

Semi truck interstate insurance and box and straights Georgia Insurance Broker operations.
If it is a commercial registered vehicle in Georgia and rolls we can probably insure it.

Get your free Georgia commercial insurance rate quote started right now and be insured  (888) 443-7623 . You could have a policy today.

Locate commercial truck and commercial auto insurance in Georgia 855-554-6321.

Georgia Commercial Insurance Companies coverage available: Property, Commercial Auto, Liability, Semi Trucks,
Business Auto.
· Free Online Quote
· Many Discounts
· Small Business
· General Liability

Georgia affordable commercial auto insurance available: Trucking Primary Auto Liability, Property Damage, Cargo Insurance, Bob Tail Insurance for Owner Operators using semi, box truck, route delivery vehicles and Fleets.

Georgia Truck Insurance Possible Coverages Available

– Georgia Primary Auto Liability is need to meet state or federal requirements.
– Trailer interchange covers using trailers that belong to others.
– Motor Truck Cargo – Covers trucking operations Cargo that is being transported that belongs to others:
– Broad coverage language
– Hired car cargo
– Customized trip endorsements
– Up to $5 million catastrophe limit
– Physical Damage covers collision or theft of the unit and other related damages.
– Deluxe coverage form
– Aggregate deductible
– Diminishing deductible
– Personal effects coverage
– Downtime loss
– Rental reimbursement
– Coverage designed for owner / operators leased to fleets
– Free towing
– Electronic equipment coverage
– Financed value coverage
– Windshield repair
– Deductible reimbursement coverage
– Combined deductible coverage
– Non-owned trailer while attached
– Rental reimbursement
– Tarps, chains and binders
– Truckers General Liability cover you when your not driving and delivering a load.
– Included products / completed operations
– Bobtail/Deadhead cover you when no trailer is attached to you truck/tractor unit
– Local- Intermediate- Long Haul policies available
– Owner Operators

Carolina Truck Insurance Agents have been helping Georgia Truckers for 4 decades.

For over four decades, Carolina Truck Insurance Agents have been helping Georgia truckers locate the best semi, box truck, route delivery and commercial fleet insurance rates backed state or federal mandated filings for their company in Georgia. With a team of experienced agents and a wealth of insurance knowledge, Carolina Truck Insurance Agents are well-equipped to provide the best coverage for Georgia truckers and their commercial fleets.

What are Carolina Truck Insurance Agents?

Carolina Truck Insurance Agents are a team of well-trained agents who specialize in helping truckers in Georgia find the best commercial fleet and truck insurance coverage to meet their needs. Our agents have years of experience in the trucking industry and are knowledgeable about the various regulations and requirements that Georgia truckers need to adhere to in order to keep their businesses safe and secure.

What Services Do Carolina Truck Insurance Agents Provide?

Carolina Truck Insurance Agents provide a wide variety of services for Georgia truckers. These services include:

• Helping truckers find the best semi, box truck, route delivery and commercial fleet insurance rates backed state or federal mandated filings.
• Providing comprehensive coverage for all types of trucks, including semi-trucks, box trucks, and route delivery trucks and fleets.
• Guiding truckers through the process of applying for insurance coverage and ensuring that all filings are in compliance with state and federal
• Assisting truckers in finding the most cost-effective insurance policies that meet their needs.
• Answering any questions that truckers may have about their insurance policies and coverage.

Why Should Georgia Truckers Choose Carolina Truck Insurance Agents?

Carolina Truck Insurance Agents are committed to providing the best service possible to Georgia truckers. We are knowledgeable about the requirements and regulations that truckers need to adhere to in order to keep their businesses safe, secure, and compliant with all laws. Our agents also have access to a wide range of insurance companies and policies, so they can help truckers find the most cost-effective coverage that meets their needs.

In addition, the agents are highly experienced in the trucking industry and can provide valuable advice and guidance to truckers when it comes to selecting the right coverage for their business. With our help, Georgia truckers can rest assured that their commercial fleets and trucks are protected with the best possible insurance policies.

Where Can Truckers Find Carolina Truck Insurance Agents?

Truckers in Georgia can easily find Carolina Truck Insurance Agents by using our contact form. Our agents are provide help throughout the state and can help truckers find the best coverage for their commercial fleets.

Carolina Truck Insurance Agents have been helping Georgia truckers locate the best semi, box truck, route delivery and commercial fleet insurance rates and submit state or federal mandated filings for their company in Georgia for over four decades. With our experience and knowledge of the trucking industry, Carolina Truck Insurance Agents can provide truckers with the best coverage possible, as well as valuable advice and guidance when it comes to selecting the right policy.

Below are the most requested coverages in Georgia

•Georgia Commercial Auto liability insurance: Covers your liability risks in the event that you or one of your employed drivers causes an accident. Your commercial auto liability will include bodily injury liability to cover the costs of injuries and medical expenses for the injured party, and property damage liability to cover the costs of property damage in an accident. Your commercial auto liability insurance will typically also cover the costs of legal defense, whether or not your company is found to be at fault in an accident.

•Optional physical damage coverage (Restrictions Apply): Covers the costs of damage to your vehicle from an accident or other incident. This coverage includes both collision coverage to pay for damage from a crash as well as comprehensive coverage to pay for damage from theft, vandalism and other than collision causes.

•Uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage: Covers the costs of injuries and damages if you or one of your employees are in an accident where another driver is at fault, but that driver does not have enough coverage to pay for your injuries and property damage.

•Cargo coverage: Covers damage or theft of items your commercial vehicle is hauling.

Sometimes several policies may have to be “stacked” or added together to get the total all around coverage that you may need. The larger the power unit or vehicles the more difficult it is to get the most coverage’s.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration


We insure those Georgia companies that may haul one or more of the following.

AGR–Agricultural Equipment
ACH–Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment
ALP–Aluminum Products
APT–Automobile Parts
APO–Automobile Parts (Part Of Assembly)
BAF–Bakery Products
BEU–Beauty Supplies and Equipment
BEV–Beverages (Non-Alcoholic)
BOT–Boat Haulers
BTO–Boat Haulers (Oversized)
BLD–Building Materials
CFD–Canned Food (Excluding Meat/Seafood)
CEL–Cellulose Material Products
CHA–Chemicals (Dry-Nonhazardous)
CBQ–Climate Controlled Nonhazardous Bulk Liquids
CNC–Concrete Products
CDB–Construction Debris Haulers
DAP–Dairy Products
EAL–Electrical Appliances (Large)
EAS–Electrical Appliances (Small)
EES–Electrical Equipment & Supplies
FTD–Fertilizer (Dry)
FTL–Fertilizer (Liquid)
FZF–Frozen Food (Excluding Meat/Seafood)
FRN–Furniture (Not Household Goods Delivery)
HFP–Health Food Products
HEQ–Heavy Equipment
HMS–Hospital and Medical Supplies
HHG–Household Goods
IES–Industrial Equipment and Supplies
IML–Industrial Machinery
IRR–Irrigation Equipment
LWG–Lawn and Garden Equipment and Supplies
LIQ–Liquids (Bulk Hauling of Non-Hazardous)
LVB–Livestock Haulers (Double Deck)
LVA–Livestock Haulers (Single Deck)
LVC–Livestock Haulers (Triple Deck)
LOG–Logging and/or Pulpwood
MCH–Machinery (Not Heavy)
MES–Marine Equipment and Supplies
MTC–Meat – Canned and Packaged
SMT–Meat – Swinging
MRL–Metal (Rolled Products)
MBH–Mobile Homes
NUR–Nursery Stock (Plants)
OFF–Office Equipment
OFS–Office Furniture and Supplies
OFE–Oilfield Equipment (Small)
PCK–Packaging Materials
PRP–Paint and Related Products
PPB–Paper – Bulk
PPR–Paper Products
PFO–Pet Food and Supplies
PPP–Petroleum Products – Packaged
PHE–Photographic Equipment and Supplies
POP–Poultry – Processed
SCR–Scrap Metal
STM–Sheet Metal
SNP–Snow Plowing
SOD–Sod Haulers
SOE–Sound Equipment
SPG–Sporting Goods
STL–Steel/Steel Products
SSM–Surplus and Salvage Merchandise
SPO–Swimming Pools (Pre-Formed)
TSH–Trash Haulers
TUC–Tubing (Copper)
TUM–Tubing (Metal)
VDM–Vending Machines
VDO–Video Equipment and Sales
WIC–Wire (Copper)
WIR–Wire (Excluding Copper)

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